Campus Development - A Vision

A comparision with our neighbours




 The Beautification of the Campus

1. The removal of all ghetto elements - xmas lights, ALL current signage from every surface visible from the exterior.

2. Two artistically crafted signs - one for the frontage - "The Cathedral Church of the Sacred Heart, and one discrete bronze plague near Main Ministry Center doors - "Ministry Center  -Office  Hours M-F 9-12, 1-5, Friday 1-4.

3. Utilize $75,000 matching grant money from city council to beautify street scape with:

a. All sidewalk replaced with brick pavers. both E. Beuaregard and Oak Street sides.  Free standing Box Planters with hedgerows and growth controllable trees at curbside full two street sides of property. Look at 1st Methodist solution for greening building side of sidewalk.

b. Sail Shades and support pillars put in place in front of covered walkway for public gathering place and after Mass socializing with  permanent tables and some seating.

4. Alleyway between buildings developed into  prayer garden with  seating. A pegola full length with climbing plants. Planter bed full length ministry center side to root plants that side... use beds on the other side to do the same. A reflecting pool. Put sails temporaily over pergola for shade until plants take over. Winding path preventing sightlining from either end.

 5. Complete re-landscaping of courtyard - mindful of needs for large assembly area for Easter Vigil. Palm Sunday and other events.

6. Follow known standard landscaping rules for professional result.  (campus wide landscape design on paper,  properly enclosing spaces with height features,  5 cent plant in $5 hole rule, bigger rather than smaller, use engineered root management systems on all new tree plantings to prevent pavment heave, etc.)


1. Use the Los Angelos intiative for mindful giving at the Offertory (revenue increase 10-15%)

2. Do an indepth 10 step  structured rollout of the new on-line and mobile giving app "Pushpay" (revenue increase >10%)

3. Increase giving options and awareness of giving options - Quarterly Church Sponsored estate planning, Shares and Bond donations (establish chuch stock portfolio) Endowment establishment, donations of 2nd hand cars, properties etc.

​4. Establish several endowment funds for the perpetual maintenance of different Cathedral activities.

5. Impliment new Website and other advertising strategies for attracting new membership (especially millennials)

6. Move to a flourishing mentality and act accordingly.